About the Program

As social innovation sector grows significantly, a large number of accelerating programs are being implemented and many preeminent impact startups are coming into the scene. To transition from a ‘growing’ to ‘maturing’ social innovation ecosystem, impact startup support programs also need to advance from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

In keeping up with these changes, H-OnDream has broadened the scope of participation so that it is suited for the growing startup ecosystem. All social enterprises, social ventures, or startups that deal with universally accepted social problems are eligible to apply and there are no limitations with regards to the representative’s gender, origins, and age.

All those who want to make a better world through innovative business model and differentiated technology are encouraged to apply.

We support market validation 

of business model for impact startups 

that possess solutions(MVP).

We support growth acceleration 

of impact startups that have completed 

the solution(MVP) validation.

We support teams 

that have the capacity to solve environmental problems and are

willing to partner with Hyundai Motor Group for open innovation.

Participation Benefits
Support Fund/Investment

Opportunities are provided 

for efficient use of the fund and 

follow-up investment that 

will catalyze growth potential.

H-OnDream A

Total support fund of 600 million won

  • Maximum support of 40 million won per team, if you win Demo Day, maximum support of 140 million is provided.
  • Participating 20 teams receive 20 million won as basic payment.
  • Based on the mid-term evaluation in June, additional fund of 20 million will be given to 5 teams, and 10 million to 10 teams.
  • Additional 100 million will be given to the team that becomes the final winner at Demo Day after competing in H-OnDream B.

(Outstanding teams in H-OnDream A are qualified to participate in H-OnDream B)

H-OnDream B

Total support fund and prize of 

260 million won

  • Maximum support of 100 million won per team.
  • Participating 5 teams receive 40 million won as basic payment.

  • 60 million won will be awarded to the team that wins at Demo Day

H-OnDream C

Total support fund and prize of 

300 million won

  • Maximum support of 200 million won per team.
  • Basic payment of 50 million won.
  • 150 million won given to one outstanding project
Resource Linkage
/ Collaboration

Diverse opportunities are provided to collaborate with Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation, Hyundai Motor Group and MYSC.

Office Hours
/ Consulting

Office Hours and Consulting Services are provided for the teams to contemplate their agendas together with the experts and come up with respective solutions.

H-On Dream
Fellows Network

Lasting relationships are formed by participating in the largest fellow network comprised of 232 fellows.

Program Schedule

* Subject to change depending on the host’s schedule.

April  ~ August 

August  ~ December 

July  ~ November 

H-OnDream A

Program Schedule: April~August

Application Period: 3/16(Tue) 2PM ~ 4/7(Wed) 12PM

Application Document Review: 4/13(Tue)

Announcement of Document Review Results: 4/15(Thurs)

Face-to-face Examination: 4/20(Tue)

Announcement of Finalists: 4/23(Fri)

Current Status Review and Signing of Agreement: 

4/28(Wed) ~ 4/30(Fri)

O.T.: 5/4(Tue)

Mid-Term Evaluation: 6/30(Wed)

Graduation: 8/13(Fri)

impact Chapter: November

H-OnDream B

Program Schedule: August~December

Application Period: 6/29(Tue) 2PM ~ 7/22(Thurs) 2PM

Application Document Review: 7/23(Fri)~8/4(Wed)

Announce of Document Review Results: 8/4(Wed)

Face-to-face Examination: 8/9(Mon)

Announcement of Finalists: 8/11(Wed)

O.T.: 8/13(Fri)

Current Status Review and Signing of Agreement: 8/17(Tue)~8/18(Wed)

Final Result-Sharing (Impact Chapter): November

Graduation: 12/10(Fri)

H-OnDream C

Program Schedule: June~November

Recruitment of Startups: 4/20(Tue) 2PM~5/11(Tue) 2PM

Recruitment of Hyundai Motor Affiliates: May

Matching Startups and Affiliates: June

Selection of Final 3 Projects: Late June or Early July

Current Status Review and Signing of Agreement: July

O.T.: July

Program Duration: August~November

Final Results Sharing Event: November

Support Eligibility

H-OnDream A (Up to 20 teams)

  • Capable “Impact Startups” with purpose to solve local/global social problems with innovative business model and technology
    (including certified ventures, social ventures and social enterprises creating impact)
  • Preliminary founders~impact startups in 3rd year of incorporation

* Preliminary founder teams must incorporate within the program period

* Outstanding teams among the participating teams in H-OnDream A will be qualified to participate in H-OnDream B

For the 2021 H-OnDream A teams willing to participate in H-OnDream B, please inform the Secretariat during the June recruitment and complete a simple registration process.

You are eligible to apply even if you fail to meet the requirement of over 100million won profit. Objective relative evaluation on capacity and growth potential will be undertaken with external support teams.

H-OnDream B (Up to 5 teams)

  • Capable “Impact Startups” with purpose to solve local/global social problems with innovative business model and technology
    (including certified ventures, social ventures and social enterprises creating impact)
  • Impact startups making an annual profit of at least 100 million won
    (irrelevant to the date of incorporation)

H-OnDream C (Up to 3 projects)

  • Selected teams are those that have the capacity and experience necessary to produce clear outputs within the program period
  • Consortium of one or more teams is allowed
  • No limitation on the company history or type
  • Fellows who have participated prior to 2021 can participate

On every other Tuesdays, the organizer’s consultants hold office hours to discuss diverse topics relevant to impact startups. It is not mandatory and interested teams must make reservation in advance.


Every other months, interested teams may participate in meetings where CEOs and C-level executives read together books on organization and leadership.


Once a month, classes with top-tier experts are offered to provide insights into business management and online courses developed by the organizer are also offered.


Support provided for 1:1 meetings 

with impact investors


If the need arises for expert opinion regarding the company’s management, liaison with expert advice is provided 3 times per team on average (legal, patent, technology, etc.)

H-OnDream B Add-on Program

(* 4 months 1:1 consulting with the organizer’s consultants on two areas of choice)

  • Resource linkage Opportunity Improvement Consulting

    Consulting for creating new values through BM, R&D and market expansion.

  • Social Impact Evaluation Consulting
    Consulting that utilizes social impact tools self-developed by the organizer based on reputable sources such as theory of change, B Corp, and SDG Action Manager

  • Investment Attraction Opportunity Improvement Consulting
    Consulting specifically designed for the interested teams in line with the organizer’s human-centric process, ranging from preparation for investment attraction to actual IR. 

H-OnDream C Add-on Program
H:Open Innovation

  • Implementation of environmental-value creating project in cooperation with Hyundai Motor Group and its affiliates for four months from August to November

  •  MYSC consultant’s support for performance management throughout the whole process from open innovation project modeling.
H:Impact Chapter
H-OnDream A

Event where preceding fellows and current fellows meet and join networking sessions together. 

Fellows who have advanced from H-OnDream A to H-OnDream B are provided with opportunity to participate in Demo Day.

H-OnDream B

Demo Day session

One outstanding(우수) team at Demo Day will be awarded 60 million won

(one final best team(최우수) will be awarded total prize and support of 100 million won)

H-OnDream C

Final Result-Sharing Session

Best team with outstanding results will be awarded 150 million won

(one final best project will be awarded a total prize and support of 200 million won)

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